Before You Begin

All research studies are required to have approval by a regulatory board. The GRMEP Research Department provides assistance to researchers in navigating through our local institutional review boards (IRB) and animal care and use committees (ACUC). We work with investigators to complete all required paperwork. However, it is the researcher’s responsibility to obtain all of the necessary signatures and proof of research training (CITI).

  • All proposals with residents/students as co‐authors must first go through the GRMEP Research Department for review prior to IRB submission.
  • Any study involving multiple sites may require approval from more than one institution.


All animal projects must first undergo review by the ACUC. Committees consist of scientists, veterinarians, nonscientists and laypeople who are not affiliated with the institution. These committees have the final say in the determination of the suitability of the use of animals for instructional and research projects. No study can begin or continue without the approval of the ACUC.

  • Contact the GRMEP Research Department for more information about research opportunities using animal models.

West Michigan Regional Laboratory (WMRL)

WMRL is designed to administer the highest quality care for animals used in teaching and research projects. Housing is available for a wide variety of species, from mice to sheep. Two fully equipped surgical suites are on‐site, with technical staff available to assist. All animal studies must have approval from the WMRL ACUC.

Van Andel Research Institute (VARI) Vivarium and Transgenics Laboratory

The goal of the vivarium and the transgenics laboratory is to develop, provide and support high‐quality mouse modeling services for the VARI investigators, Michigan Technology Tri‐Corridor collaborators and the greater research community. Services provided by the vivarium technical staff include an extensive xenograft model development and analysis service, rederivation, surgery, dissection, necropsy, breeding and health‐status monitoring. Rat models are also available for use at this facility. All animal studies must have approval from the VARI ACUC.